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About Us

The mission of the Frisco Lacrosse Association is to prepare our young athletes to be champions both on and off the field through their character, dedication, and passion.

Frisco 7th/8th Grade Grizzlies Black

The Frisco Lacrosse Association was founded on June 12, 2009 by Jason and Desiree Gildea for the benefit of the boys and girls in Frisco and surrounding neighborhoods.  This was done by receiving acceptance to the Frisco Sports Council as one of the core youth sports organizations in Frisco.  The Frisco Lacrosse Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that focuses its efforts on teaching the game of lacrosse and the importance of integrity to all the boys and girls that join the association.

The Association was created with the help of local coaches and original board members, Kyle Fritz, John Hampton, Mark Levock, Joe Quenet, and Brendan White.  These lacrosse minds were part of the original seven board members (including Desiree and Jason) that helped form what is now one of the largest lacrosse programs in the state of Texas.  They take pride in the fact that Frisco has a proper board that makes all decisions as a group. 

The philosophy that is instilled in the players of the Frisco Lacrosse Association is built upon the C.H.A.O.S. lacrosse philosophy that was created by Coach Bill Pilat of Roanoke College in Virginia.  Roanoke College Lacrosse is a tradition rich lacrosse school that is a perennial powerhouse in the NCAA Division III.  After Coach Bill Pilat led the team to the college's third national championship game in 1992, Jason Gildea used the value of this system that he learned at Roanoke and implemented the philosophy into the Frisco Lacrosse Association when the first Frisco team of 20 boys (3rd graders) was created here in Texas in February of 2009.  CHAOS means Constantly Harass And create Opportunities to Score.  It is built on core principles that focus on teamwork, heart, speed, shots on goal, and most importantly, ground balls.

The Frisco Lacrosse Association is represented by Darryl V. Pratt, Attorney and the Law Offices of Darryl V. Pratt, P.C., of Frisco, Texas.  The Association uses Debra Reeves, CPA, Accounting Tax and Services for all financial services.

Frisco Lacrosse competes both locally and on a national level.